The world is changing faster than...


The world is changing faster than our expectations. Many societies have been faced with great renovations in all aspects of their lives. This’s one of the reasons why all business units or manufacturing companies are trying to create a reliable & flexible partnership to guarantee their projects and minimize their expenses.

ITOUK ENERGY Company, stands for a unique heritage of high-quality Parts & Services made by passionate professionals. Driven by the values of trust and agility.

ITOUK ENERGY Company, develops and produces functionally critical components along the entire energy value chain. We offer extensive parts & services for the rotary equipment such as Gas & Steam Turbines, Compressors and Pumps. Some of the brands which we commonly support are Siemens, Solar, GE,
Rolls Royce, Dresser Rand, Borsig, Elliot, Cooper Bessemer, Clark, KSB.

ITOUK ENERGY services include:

  • Balanced Rotor Assy. (Hot Section / Cold Section)
  • Rotor Body (Monoblock)
  • Disk & Shaft (Hot Section / Cold Section)
  • Stator Assy. (Hot Section / Cold Section)
  • Stationary Parts (Hot Section / Cold Section)
  • Blade & Nozzle Vane (Hot Section)
  • Blade & Inlet Guide Vane (Cold Section)
  • Shroud Ring & Segment Ring
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Fuel Injectors & Tube Sets
  • Cases & Silencer
  • Open Type Impeller (2D / 3D Vane)
  • Close Type Impeller (Welded / Brazed)
  • Inlet Guide Vane Assy.
  • Diffuser
  • Male & Female Shaft Assy. Screw Type
  • Pinion Shaft Assy.
  • Bull Gear Assy.
  • Mechanical Seal & Dry Gas Seal
  • RTD Sensor
  • Labyrinth Seal / Seal Strip
  • Bearing Assy. (Thrust & Journal)
  • Pad Bearing (White Metal / Bronze-White Metals)
  • Rotor Container @ Long-term Storage
  • Fastener Parts
  • Overhaul Kits


Any complicated projects are welcome into our system.






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